Mind Traffic Control

Idea and information tools for smart, disorganized individuals.

Todo Queues

Welcome to the new Mind Traffic Control. We're completely rethinking what Mind Traffic Control is.

For a first glimpse of the future, read this blog post.

The new Mind Traffic Control is a small command-line tool, inspired by Todo.txt. It's written in Racket (a modern dialect of Scheme), and the source code is available.

Right now, it's pretty much only suitable for geeks but we'll shortly be releasing downloadable binaries with further documentation. Between you and us, this is exciting. This is going to be the beginning of a family of interconnected, very powerful personal information tools.

Original MTC

If you were a user of the original Mind Traffic Control, don't worry, your data is still here. You can go to the export page and get it in one of todo.txt, OPML (outliner markup language, suitable for OWL) or CSV (imports into Excel) formats.

Exports »


What do you get if you cross an outliner with a wiki?

A power-tool for organizing and navigating all your projects.

Try the OWL web-app here. (Be aware that it stores your data in your browser's "localStorage" which means that it's private and restricted to the machine and browser that you test it on. That's useful for you to get an idea. But not something you want to do real work with.)

If you like what OWL is doing you can download one of several more useful versions : (NB: currently this is a source-code release for developers)

OWL Desktop App »

OWL Android App »

OWL Web-version »